Thank you for your interest in my wonderful and delicious edible masterpieces!  All made from scratch cakes, icings, and fillings just for you and your loved ones to enjoy down to the last crumb. 

Custom cakes that are designed just for you and your occasion.  


My goal is to help you create a beautiful design and make your dreams a delicious reality.


Angela Wojtaszczyk

     -Mad Batter



For important policies and information, please see the Info/Prices page



6-12            2 available spots

13-19          4 available spots

20-26          5 available spots

27-Feb 2     4 available spots


3-9              5 available spots

10-16          5 available spots

17-23          3 available spots

24-Mar 2     5 available spots


3-9              5 available spots

10-16          5 available spots

17-23          5 available spots

24-30          4 available spots


Mar 31-6     5 available spots

7-13            5 available spots

14-20          4 available spots

21-27          3 available spots

28-May 4    5 available spots


5-11            5 available spots

12-18          4 available spots

19-25          5 available spots

26-Jun 1     5 available spots


2-8              5 available spots

9-15            1 available spots

16-22          5 available spots

23-29          5 available spots


Jun 30-6      5 available spots

7-13             5 available spots

14-20           1 available spots

21-27           3 available spots

28-Aug 3     5 available spots


4-10             5 available spots

11-17           5 available spots

18-24           5 available spots

25-31           5 available spots


Accepting orders through 2021

For any of the dates that are booked below, I can do cupcakes with sprinkles (no decorations) or a simply iced cake with writing/sprinkles as long as the order is submitted (at the latest) by Friday the week before the week of pick up.  Please don't wait until the last minute to order, if possible.

Available - number of spots left for pick up date (you will need to make sure you pick up the date you choose and if it is before the event, be sure to have adequate refrigerator space to store the order in)



Mad Batter Cafe & Nook

1666-B Hickory Fork Rd, Hayes, VA 23072




Best way to contact me is via text, email or messaging

Phone 804-413-3772

Email themadbatterbakery.cakes@gmail.com

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Cash, Check, Credit

All payments are non-refundable

See INFO/PRICES page for details



6661-B Hickory Fork Rd

Hayes, VA 23072

11am to 5pm Monday through Friday

10am to 3pm Saturday 

Sundays are paid delivery only


Mad Batter Cakes by Angela

available via text, email, or messaging 24/7 

Mad Batter Café & Nook

11am to 5pm Monday through Friday

10am to 3pm Saturday 

CLOSED on Sunday

6661-B Hickory Fork Rd

Hayes, VA 23072 

(804) 699-3636






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